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Newbie Intro Post

Hi all, I just joined like a few minutes ago and read that I'd hafta do a little introduction thing. I can do that, I guess. I'm not really sure as to what the heck I'm to put about myself but I'm a hopeless romantic with a wicked mind. I read a lot and am very artistic or I at least try to be. I'm very particular about art and such. I write poems, stories, songs, take pictures of just about everything. Wanna see? Click eitherHere or </a> Here</a> to see them. The 1st is just a bunch of stuff with some friends and family stuff while the 2nd is mostly me and some family and friends pics.
Want to....
Um, I read romance novels, am single and a little confused as to what my sexuality is. I mean I like guys but girls seem good I'm currently not looking but am thinking of doing so. I have my LJ as a poetry jounal, mostly otherwise I have a REGULAR diary Here which I had before this one soo....gonna keep it for a while.

Um, :: thinks :: You can go find out more info by clicking on my Buddypic or Buddyprofile. Similar but different and both are fun to look at. My AIM is Laili13 and feel free to talk to me. Yahoo is innocencedenied19 but I'm not on a lot.

Romance, attraction, am I supposed to write about these things? My main physical turn-ons are eyes, lips/nice smile, strong looking backs or people that have hidden strength (apperances can be decieving type thing) while my OTHERS are Intellectual people who can relax and have fun AND be themselves are me. that goes for friends too. :-D

Hobbies: Numerology -just got into it, Photography -am a Novice, HTML and CSS encoding -just got into CSS and am a beginner, help me! And then the first paragraph.?

Feel free to comment.
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