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My sweet sweet Valentine

This journal entry will start from Saturday night. I wasn't a member then, so here goes.
My sweetie and I got into a huge fight, I threatened to leave him. We made up, then tried making a baby. We haven't tried since... We already have one 15th month old baby, but we will have to see what happens. :) I'll know by this Friday, I'll let ya know, if you're interested. And by 'you', I mean anyone who is actually even reading this.
My husband let me sleep in until 1:30 on Sunday afternoon. That felt so nice. I had no idea that he went to bed at 8:30 that morning, and got up with our daughter at 10:30 am... So he had a total of 2 hours of sleep. I felt soo bad later that day, but he insisted he'd get up with her.
You know those foam alphabet letters that you let children stick to the walls of the bathtub? I woke up later than I should have this morning, but I went in to get a shower and my sweetie had spelled out "I Love You" on our shower wall. It may sound corny, but I found it to be soo romantic. :) He can be sweet whenever he wants to be. :)
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