Courtney (dryrayne) wrote in kissykissy,

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Oh me, oh my!

I now see why Ryan gets quiet sometimes. I won't ever ask him again if he has motives for those times. It used to be that every time he got like that- I thought he was doubting our relationship. If it's anything like what I'm doing, I am quite sure of us, and our marriage. I just am gaining perspective of anything and everything. I will never doubt his feelings during these times again. I will know what is going through his mind- it will not be negative thoughts about us. Many times in my marriage, I have thought Ryan has had doubts about us. I should know better. As many times as Ryan says, 'I love you', it's the little things that count. He does show me in many ways, and very consistently, how much he cares. Our marriage is strong. I need not prove that to anyone, I just am typing it to see it. And seeing it to remember it. And remembering it, to love it.
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