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You think you know what is to come but you don't

I want to fall in love
just like the rest of you
I want to have my heart go aflight with unconditional love
I want my heart warmed at the sight of my lover
I want to be held in his strong arms
I want to be devoured by his kisses
I want to know what making love is like
the passion
the pleasure
the love
not the exprience to practice on others
I want-
I just-
I guess-
I guess I just want it all
to be happy
to not be alone-
never alone
to have someone care about me instead of me care about everyone else
I don't feel as if I do
Do I have that?
Do I have someone who I can trust with my tears?
Do I have someone I can trust with my secrets?
My dreams?
My fanatasies?
My heart even?
I dare tell any to come before me and tell me different
I demanded it
Tell me
show me someone who is even one of these things that I can feel as if I trust
It is a feeling, isn't it?
It's hard-
It is hard to trust those who hide things from you
It is hard to trust anyone at all
but we do right?
We slowly slide down the mask to take a peek at the person who is before us without them noticing and they do the same
but will it end?
That is the question that haunts our easily torn hearts to silent shreds within our breasts
Will any of it end?
Will anyone care but you?
I wish I knew
I wish I knew
I wish I knew

LMF 17 June 2003
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