Me - I don't say much (freak41) wrote in kissykissy,
Me - I don't say much

Im Kendra, Im 14 ,15 in 2 months. and I live in Rhode Island, I was browsing Sarah[digimortal]'s user info, looking for some pretty cool communities to join. I figured she would have some good ones. So I joined this one :D

I have a boyfriend, have been together for almost 3 months. I do love him. Him and I were in love with each other, since January, we told each other how we felt. We met online, I had saw him on Facethejury. Decided to IM him. and yeah, been talking ever since August - 2002. Also, this isnt an online relationship, we see each other as much as possible, and make the best out of each time we see each other. I feel comfortable around him, and im not worried about what will happen later in the future. - Although,I have been scarred, from a first love. But, Im recovering from that. :D

and I know, Im only 14, ive got years ahead of me. many actually say " you dont know what love is, youre only 14". No, See, Im pretty mature, very mature, for my age. Ive learned, and experiance quite a bit. but anyways.

Im sure i'll be posting more in here, because I love reading, and posting about love, emotions, all of that.



joe and i before going to the mall. waiting for the bus

joe and i <3

and again.

There are 3 pictures of him and i <3
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