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Realizations of the Mind, Body and Heart....

Ya know I've been thinking a lot this Winter break. I've realized that the first half of the school year. I was ULTRA stressed out. I realize why too: surgery, senior year, boyfriend (that in itself is rather stressful especially when you're not really sure as to what the hell you're doing it and just winging it). [big grin] Which is also why I was lactose intolerant. Oh another thing was the not talking to my sister so no escape from my house except with Bunny which reminds me I owe her like $5. Gotta go get my allowance from mom or see if I can get money from Sis. [shrugs] Anyway, I've spent most of my vacation at my sister's. My mom just keeps treating me like I'm 5 since I've had my surgery. She's a big, big worry wart and I'm like dude I'll live. But then I gotta remember that she wasn't there last time so she doesn't know how everything went. [sighs heavily] Oh well. I also got another stressful my mom and stepdad maybe moving away after I graduate, like to another state move away but not sure how soon. I hate my mom some times. My bro told me this and I confronted her on it then she tells me what I had asked about that she denied and now is telling me it's true. She's either going senial or is a total hypocrite. [sighs heavily] [does happy dance] I GET TO SEE VA-AN. I GET TO SEE VA-AN. TOMORRO-OW NI-IGHT. YEEEAAA! [giggles] Well I think I'm mostly back to my old self or rather a better version of myself. I just want to [imitates Elmira from Tiny Toons] hug him amd squeeze him and love him a whole bunch. Yeah. [giggles] Can you tell I'm in a good mood yet? Winter Break or rather Christmas tends to brighten me up a lot. It's my fave holiday besides Ay'ami-ha(sp?). Christmas is where everyone is all happy except for those who are depressed or lonely. I wish I could them. I'd just get them to come over and have fun. [grins] Yeah anyway, You got all the songs and cheering and presents and the looks on people's faces when they get what they want or just love the gift you get them which is my ULTRA fave part of the ENTIRE occassion. [imitates valley girl] LIKE TOTALLY! [giggles] I love to annoy people. [grins, winks at persons] [big pause listens to train sounds] I wanna see Van [whines] I haven't seen him since afternoon of the 17th. [frowns] I miss him so much and I just wanna cuddle with him. He's a great cuddler though I still haven't found the right position to hug him ultra comfy yet. I will, watch me. Tall skinny white guy that I can cuddle with. Watch me find the hug position. Mwahahah! Ok I think I'd better finish sweeping or something before I go into a fantic, obsessive spew over my boyfriend who is now known by my mom...I think. [shrugs] Bai.

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